Can I End It Already?

I’ve been dating a guy for a few months.  They were going well as they usually do but recently I’ve decided I want out.  I won’t go into specifics but basically he has drama.  Baby mama drama.  I’d be sympathetic but he told me years prior that he thought she was not the best girlfriend.  Or mother to her son from a previous relationship.  But yet he chose to deliberately have a baby with her.  Welcome to the permanent circle of crazy for a lifetime.

My life is pretty uncomplicated.  I don’t have a problem with people with kids but when you call me and bitch about her, several times a week and that’s all we manage to talk about it, it’s a problem.  I’ve suggested they go back to counseling, whether it be they learn how to get along or for my sake, get back together.  He said she wouldn’t be open to going again.  I suggested he go on his own and learn how to cope.  Seemed reluctant.

Here is my thing, marriage and babies don’t make bad relationships work.  They had drama before, and continue to.  They never do.  (This pregnancy was planned.)  If you have issues with someone, guess what that’s probably their true nature, so it’s not going to change because it’d make your life easier.

Why don’t I end it already?  He has to go out-of-town for his grandfather’s funeral.  My best friend suggested I wait 2 days after his return.  I’d love to do it tomorrow just because I’m tired.  Plus, he doesn’t seem like someone grieving.

I’ll try and wait although I might have to start hitting the ignore button on my phone to avoid hearing about his baby mama.


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