Why Do I Continue To Challenge Myself Physically?

If one were to look at my medical records in recent years they would ask me why I continue to push myself physically.  It started when I used to do a lot of group exercises classes.  Lots of injuries from over rotation.

Then it was tendonitis in my knees from overuse (arc trainer and elliptical machine).  I went snowboarding and went straight to Urgent Care.  Not because I banged my head on the mountain (which I did!) but a diagnosis of IBS.

Halfway through training for a half-marathon, I ended up with inflamed bursa sacs in both knees.  Very painful.  I couldn’t run for 5 months.  I start training for a 10K which is Saturday. Several weeks ago, my body starts to betray me.  I’d gotten up to 5.5 miles.  I go to the doctor and describe my symptoms, loose bowels.  She was uncertain.  I google and come up with Runner’s Diarrhea.  I call her back, she looks it up and says it fits my symptoms.

What I read suggested that you cut back on your fiber and make sure you don’t eat several hours before you run.  I didn’t get much relief.  So I began to wonder if it’s something else.  I go back to my GI doctor and he says that people with IBS who run, tend to have runner’s diarrhea.  I’m not sure why I didn’t develop it the first time, but maybe because my body knew I couldn’t handle two issues at once.

The biggest thing is the mental blow each time this stuff happens. It seems just like when I get over my fear that something bad will happen, and hit my stride something happens.  But worse things could be happening, none of this stuff is life-threatening, so it’s time to start training for the next 10K.  And hopefully a half-marathon in November.

My mother blamed my issues on my love of Kashi Go Lean.  Not an issue, after giving it up for 2 whole weeks!

She went with me to the GI doctor.  After the diagnosis, I ask my mom: “Do you know what this means?”

Mom: (Pause.) “You’ll run less?”

Me: “Absolutely not. It means I can eat Kashi again!”

She rolls her eyes.  She hates my love of Kashi.  It likes Kashi is the horrible boyfriend dragging me through the gutter!


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