40+ Men, Don’t Do This On A Date

My online profile asks men that are over 40 not to bother contacting me. Every now and then I’ll come across a guy slightly over 40 that I find interesting.  I just went on my first date with a guy over 40.  When I saw him, I thought, wow, he’s really short.  He stared at me a little too intensely when we first sat down.  I opted to start a conversation because otherwise, I’d shut down.

While looking a the menu, he told me that he was preparing a lamb for his dinner.  I asked if he cooked a lot.  I mentioned I did too, in an effort to eat healthy.  He said that was his reasoning as he had diabetes type 2.  He didn’t require medication.  He asks if I want to order a drink, I tell him don’t drink alcohol.  I tell him to feel free to get a drink, if he likes.  He tells me that he doesn’t drink often and doesn’t like to when others aren’t.

He orders a Coke, as I did.  Later, he orders a tall drink with rum.  In the midst our lunch, he manages to tell me that he’s not spontaneous in the least bit, he’s very picky, loves to go on cruises that never go to port, likes to travel on his parents’ dime and he’s on a medication for high cholesterol.

I appreciate the full disclosure.  It validated my earlier assessment that I didn’t want to go on a second date.  The health issues alone made me think I’d end up taking care of him in his old age.  He didn’t seem to actively manage his health.  He ordered the drink (which he didn’t feel compelled to have?), ordered dessert (after being a bit too insistent that I join him), and when I asked, mentioned he had no physical routine.  I can imagine that in about 10 years, his body will be worse for the wear.

Towards the end date as he was scarfing down his dessert, he asks if I’m interested in joining him for coffee at a nearby Starbucks.  Really, it’s 80 degrees out?  I decline and say I need to do some schoolwork.

He asks what kind of car I drive.  I tell him a (Runaway) Camry.  He clasps his hands and smiles.  I have a Corolla, another thing we have in common.  I started asking myself what was the first thing?  That we’re both human?


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