Jem and the Holograms!

I’m excited because the Hub network will be airing episodes.  They’ll be doing a marathon on Saturday (6 episodes!)

I have such fond memories of this show.  I started watching it in 7th grade (not during its original run). I’d rush in and watch my two episodes and be so happy.  Despite my love of the show, I kept it secret.  The summer before I entered 7th grade, I stopped playing with Barbie’s. I knew that since I was doing that in secret, I should definitely stop before I entered middle school. I was already weird enough. I didn’t need to be the girl who still played with dolls.  I remember the day my mom came in and saw me packing them up.  She looked like she was going to cry. As if it was the end of my innocence.

I kept my love of Jem and Holograms secret because they were based on dolls.  The show felt like a soap geared towards my age group.  I sang all of those songs, wondered if Jem/Jerrica thing would ever be discovered.  Why didn’t her sister and her other band mates understand how hard it was to be Jem/Jerrica?

While visiting one of my friends several years ago, her brother purchased the DVD set of seasons 1 and 2 for her sister.  I almost died.  From jealously.  I was sitting there with their neighbor playing out every episode.  Imitating her awkward dance moves (spins with the leg outstretched).  Her sister obliged us and let us watch a few episodes, everyone died when they realized my recall was dead on.

Jem is truly outrageous!


2 responses to “Jem and the Holograms!

  1. I love Jem and my sister is up there with you as a fan! If I bought her the dvd’s she’d die! I was in the kids section of Macy’s one day and they had it on the tv’s there, I stopped and started watching in the middle of the aisle, forgot about the clothes I was supposed to be purchasing! 🙂 Jem is my name, no one else is the same, Jem is my naaaaame…Jem! Please don’t quote me on this <–.

  2. I won’t quote you. I watched the marathon this weekend. Loved it more than the first time. It truly tripped me out how it was set up like a soap opera for preteens.

    I’ll totally be dvring the future episodes.

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