Please SyFy bring back “The Event”

I fell in love “The Event” upon first site.  I know one of the earlier criticisms was due to all the flashbacks.  They removed the element and story moved forward.  I’m guessing to due to low ratings, they opted to shelve it and give “The Cape” a run. 

“The Event” isn’t a show I’d normally go for.  But the combination of an interesting, ever-changing plot, and great acting hooked me.  I knew the show wasn’t coming back to NBC in the fall but I continued to watch hoping it’d be picked up by another network.  In the back of my mind I kept hoping that SyFy would be the network.  It seemed like it would be a great fit.

There’s no deal. Rumor is, it might not be picked up for a full season but a mini-season.  I’d love for it to continue its run. I truly would.  How about a short season, 8 episodes per season?  Similar to Southland on TNT.  I don’t love that I only get 8 episodes but I’ll take whatever I can get it.  In a worst case scenario, I’ll take them running all the previous shows, and then doing a mini-series.  I just need enough hours in order to wrap up the storylines neatly. 

Well as neat as possible…


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