Gearing Up For My First 10K

I think I’m ready.  I was going to do one in April and weeks before, my body betrayed me.  I ended up going to a couple of doctors and ended up with a spinoff diagnosis.  It’s been an issue ever since.  Limiting my runs to 3 miles, and then I was able to increase to 4 miles. 

My nutritionist and I often talk about running.  She’s aware of my ups and downs, injuries and the new diagnosis.  She suggested months ago that I switch to morning runs.  That was a totally foreign concept considering that I’m a night owl and have a really hard time getting up.

One Sunday morning, I managed to knock out a 5 mile run.  I loved the feeling of accomplishment, so I decided to try morning runs.  They’ve been great.  I gain time back in my evenings.  On the flip side, there are some mornings where I can’t get up.  So I end up running real late in the evening, like 7:30 p.m.  My diagnosis, requires a lot of time pass between when I eat and when I run…

My night owl days are over, seeing as that my body starts to shut down around 9:30. 

With being able to do a 5 mile run now, a 10K seems like a real possibility again.  It’s just a matter of adding on 1.2 miles, right?  Well, I always likes to be able to run close to more than a mile more than the specified distance of the race.  When I’m in the actual race, I tell myself, you run more this distance, so you have this under control!

Yes, I do a lot of talking to myself when I run.  Even on daily runs.

The race I’m thinking of is August 20, wish me luck!!!


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