Thank Goodness for Using My Glove Compartment Being a Filing System

I get off my flight.  Get my bags pretty quick.  I head to the parking garage.  On the way to baggage claim, I’ve refreshed my memory of where I parked my car.  I’ve called my mom to tell her I’ve landed.

I see my car.  I say aloud but quietly, Hey car!  I unlock the car and think let’s crank the baby up and get the AC going.  It was 10o degrees.  My car makes  a weird clicking noise.  I think, I’ve imagined it.  I try again.  Same result.

I put my luggage in the car.  And despite being a grown woman, I call my mom.  In an attempt to use her AAA card.  Sad, I know.  Well, they thwart my attempts and tell me I need my own card.  My mom purchases it for me.  Don’t think less of me, I’ve already paid her back in cash.  I’m not that kind of kid.  I’ll just leach of your benefits if it won’t cost you anything.

Oh yeah, my mom asks me where my friend was.  The one who was travelling with me.  I almost always travel alone, so I usually forget to say we.  And under normal circumstances, the other party would have probably hung around while the issue was resolved, right?  I lie (as always) and say she had already made her way out of the garage before I realized what was going on.  The lies just pile on!!!

So with my new account, I’m told it’ll take an hour and half.  Didn’t take that long.  He calls, and by the time I make it back to the car, he pulls up.  You didn’t think I’d hang out in that hot garage all that time, right?  He says it’s the battery.  He tells me I can purchase one from him for $122.  I say yes and then think that price is ridiculous.  I tell him I’m going to the dealership.  He tells me that they’ll charge me $200.  It’s okay, I see this seemingly nice guy is playing me for stupid.  I don’t let on and lie and say I have a gift card.  He looks at me quizzically.  I say I got it when they did the recall.  They really did pass those out but I’ve used that on a maintenance visit.

Before I pull off, I call Toyota and confirm that they have a battery.  Get the price. $89 plus $10-20 for installation.  I get the battery, pay for it.  Then I recall the technician telling me the warranty is for 5 years.  I’m unsure of when I purchased the last battery.  I check my glove compartment for the record.  Naturally, the newest documents are on top.  I got my last battery in November 2010.  Crazy, right?

I guess that explains why I was convinced it wasn’t the battery.  But when they said it was the battery, I convinced myself it had to be older than it was.  I’m just glad I got my money back minus the installation.

To be honest, I think I left the overhead dome on when I got out the car last.  For a week.  But I’m not sure, I noticed that the one on the left-hand side was one when I got in the car. 

Regardless, Toyota doesn’t need to know all that…


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