Holding Onto Random Items

It’s time for me to replace my running shoes, well past time.  A certain store has a trade-in policy (for limited periods of time). You bring in a pair of used running shoes and you can get a discount towards your purchase.  

Before I turned in my shoes, I took the shoelaces out and replaced them with some from a random pair I still have.  Why did I switch out the laces?  I ran a 5K in June and fell.  I didn’t notice a pothole and totally tripped.  I tried to recover and prevent the fall, just when I thought I had, I realized that I was going down!

It wasn’t a bad fall, no scrapes, I broke my fall and got up and ran even harder.  Shout out to the two guys who made sure I was okay despite the fact we were in the midst of a competitive race!  I improved my time and I loved my attitude.  I loved that I was like okay, that happened but instead of running at the same pace, we’re going to step it up.  I improved my time.

The next day when I was lacing up, I realized that my left shoelace (brunt of the fall) was shredded in a few places.  I want to hold onto the shoelace just because I liked my approach to the temporary setback.

It also reminds me of my dad.  He battled cancer for years, prior to that he was dealing with congestive heart failure.  I remember getting in a minor car accident out-of-town during Spring Break.  I was at fault and I remember after the police came, talking to my dad.  I was naturally upset, he asked if I was okay.  I told him yes.  Next, he asked about the other driver, I said he was fine.  My dad said from his perspective, we shouldn’t worry about it anymore.

I remember telling someone else a few months later.  She said that her dad would have been yelling about the damage to the car.  I told her that when you’re dealing with issues of life and death, you’re not going to waste energy on stuff like that. 

My dad was a warrior through it all and I felt like for that moment in that race, I was embracing his positive energy when unexpected things happen…


One response to “Holding Onto Random Items

  1. Love this! So true, so true…great post.

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