Too Much 48 Hours

I’ve admitted that I look for red flags with guys that might make me the subject of my own episode.  I can see it now, she was a young woman who had a lot of promise.  And then the “but” would come in, but she used an online dating site.

So here’s the thing, I’m big on going with my gut.  Opting to meet guys out at public places.  Being reluctant to exchange numbers.  Being vague when they ask where I live.  I got a tip from a guy who was writing a book on dating online, he said never let a guy see your license plate.  He told me that some guys have access to run license plates, hence they have your personal information, including your address.  I had never thought about that one.

I was out-of-town with my mom and we were walking down the hallway of the hotel.  I jokingly said, let’s be careful, tons of people get killed in hotels.  Normally, my mom would suggest I was being overly negative.  Her response, “I know.”

I think I’ve gotten to be a bit extreme.  The key is realizing that without putting myself in crazy situations that will result in me being assaulted or killed.  I will not become the woman who thinks every man is a potential rapist/murderer.  I will not be the holed in my house with cats, scared of the world.  I’ll never be holed up with cats because I despise them.  I don’t brake for cats that run out in the road.  I’m serious.

Everyone isn’t  a rapist/murderer but there does seem to be a few unstable guys out there…and I’m sure there are unstable women out there as well.


One response to “Too Much 48 Hours

  1. That’s messed up about the cats, though I can’t stand them either. :-/

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