My Tips for Hiking

It’s my new thing this fall.

My tips include wearing appropriate shoes and realizing that there won’t be bathroom facilities along the hike.  These items seem simple but my friends tend to ignore the obvious and suggestion that they take this into consideration.

You can wear sneakers on a hike.  But, a hiking boot would be better.  You’re not walking a clear or paved path.  You’re dealing with uneven ground, rocks, tree roots, possibly stepping onto rocks and avoiding water that has collected along the way.

The bathroom thing.  My advice is to cut back on your water consumption prior to, use the bathroom otherwise be prepared to go in the woods.   I hate the idea of going to bathroom where there isn’t one or the one available is going to be sketchy (NC State Fair).  I had someone ask me in the middle of the woods were there bathrooms.  I told her yes, she could go anywhere in the woods that she liked.  Every person I’ve hiked with has ended up going in the woods.  I turn my back and stare at the map.

Also, if you on a trail with markings, make sure you have someone looking at the markings.  Apparently, I’m the only person who bothers.


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