My Quest To Reach A Healthy Weight

The CEO of my company has challenged us to focus on our weight.  If your BMI is 28 or higher, in order to receive the maximum incentive towards your premium for 2013, you’ll need to lose 5% of your body weight.

I’m focused.  I’ve lost inches since preparing for my 10K.  I’m planning to train for my first half-marathon on April 1.  My best friend wants me to run one with her in Baltimore mid-October.  My weight assessed in September.  I’m thinking if I stay focused, I should lose the weight.

I went a step further and despite not loving the concept of BMI, have decided to see if I can reach my healthy weight.  This will require that I lose about 25 pounds.  I think I can do it.  Although, I didn’t quite reach this weight years ago, my mother staged an informal intervention after happening to witness me changing shirts.  It was a little too much collarbone and rib cage for her.

Admittedly, back then I was all about weight loss through starvation and lots of exercise.  Did I mention that I would pass out by 8:15?  Would get home from the gym and lay on the floor and hope for energy to get in the shower?  Would hope for sleep in order to avoid hunger pains?

I was crazy.  But I’m in a better place now.  So onward I go!


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