Online Dating Profile Tips for Men

I’ve read a few profiles that are nice.  By that, I mean I think it sounds like it’s a snapshot of the individual’s personality.  It doesn’t mean that I’m interested, it’s just seems well composed.

As for the others, you need the following:

  • A picture, not a picture that you took of yourself in the bathroom mirror.  If you need a picture, tell a friend that you need a nice picture for Facebook.  Or be honest and say it’s for your dating profile!  On my profile I state that no picture = no response.  I’d be lying if I said that physical attraction didn’t matter.
  • Be honest.  But sometimes there is such thing as over share.  I don’t want to read about farts in your profile. 
  • Try not to be too negative.  I understand, we all know what we like and don’t like.  When you end up with a bulleted list, I’m thinking you will remind me of Larry David.  I love his character on Curb Your Enthusiasm but I wouldn’t be able to tolerate him.  You’ll get this information in a few email exchanges or phone call.
  • Think about your expectations.  Are they realistic?  One profile requested a submissive woman and went onto say that he wanted her to pleasure him sexually.  I don’t know any submissive women.  I don’t think that woman exists.  Honestly, any woman who goes into a relationship trying to be submissive, will ultimately turn into a crazy person/murderer.  It’s not healthy!
  • Be cautious about your mention of sex.  I think most women assume that men enjoy sex.  We assume that if you have a penis, you will want to use it at some point.  We don’t need you to go into detail.  If that’s your primary focus, there are certain sites, you should focus on.
  • Copy and paste your profile into word.  It can catch your misspellings and grammatical errors.
  • Ask for feedback.  Have a friend or a someone of the opposite of sex take a glance at your profile. 

I love my profile.  I often get great feedback from other guy’s that they enjoyed reading my profile.  Right now, I’m trying to figure out what does my ideal guy look like.  Not physically but I wonder about personality and interests.  Right now, I think I’d like an active, researcher-type from one of three nearby cities.  As for other cities and towns, I’ll think it about.  There are other things I’d like but I think it’s best to be flexible.  Who wants to date a carbon copy?  Remember that episode of Seinfeld when Jerry was dating the female version of himself?


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