Angel Trees and How I Chose To Believe People Accept My Gifts

I’ve chosen a child from my church’s Angel Tree a few times.  The first time, I went all out.  I bought like I was buying for my own child (of which I have none).  I had a lot of joy in purchasing my gifts. 

My friend/coworker/church member assisted with the Angel Tree last year.  She discussed the a multitude of issues: individuals failing to bring their gifts prior to the time that parents were to pick them, parents being upset that one child received more than another (sometimes children in one family are given to different individuals), and then there are those who just aren’t appreciative at all.

The families are usually invited to the church on a Wednesday night for dinner, then the parents receive their gifts.  I’ve never gone to witness this.  My mom and I bought gifts for a child.  Shopping with my mom has always been painful, so within 10 minutes, I was irritated.  If she had been anyone else, I’d have gone off on her.  We finally accomplished our goal and got out of there.  We ended up at three different stores.  I’m trying to avoid having a flashback. 

My mom went to the church tonight.  I’m not sure if she wanted to see the family or just watch everyone.  There were 399 kids on the Angel Tree this year.  Pretty ridiculous to me.  But no one is asking.  I opt not to go.  I’d like to live in a world where the family would accept my gifts and be grateful, end of story.  If I was aware that they weren’t, I might snap, grab my bags, curse said parent out and put the money back in my account.

When it comes to Angel Trees, ignorance is bliss…


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