Revisiting My Blog…

I’ve taken a very long break from my blog.  I’ll blame it on school and life just being hectic.  I feel compelled to revisit it due to recent activity and epiphanies I’ve had.

I’ve finished school, waiting for my degree to come in the mail.  I don’t feel like participating in another graduation ceremony.  I highly doubt that I’ll even pursue a career in Health Promotion.  I completed an internship that I enjoyed. I received rave reviews from my manager and others I worked with.  And then my manager gave me an odd, biased review.  It took me by surprise, so I countered a few points and then I just let her finish so I could go home and pack for my pending vacation.  I was pretty pissed.  I couldn’t even talk about the results for weeks.

In addition, I’m not willing to start at an entry-level position and potentially take a pay cut.  I’d take a pay cut if it was a matter of no job versus a job, but I have a job that I’m enjoying.   I’m sure some would suggest that pursuing this degree was a waste of time and money.  It wasn’t.  It’s something that I’m interested in and I’ll still use it some capacity, even if in a volunteer capacity.  Did I mention that my company has a tuition reimbursement program?  Awesome perk!


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