Write It In Pencil

Never say never.  We’ve all heard it before.  I’m finding that my goals and plans are shifting.  Not in a bad direction just one I hadn’t expected.  I completed a degree and now find myself compelled to pursue a different interest.  Luckily, it won’t require another degree but it will require some studying, work and sitting for a test.  I’m up for it.  I’m passionate about it.

This past year, I’ve led a project that could be described as a nightmare or a complete bear.  As we know, when you’re on a project, you’re working with others.  I’ve always known that I’m pretty analytical.  That worked to my benefit.  My manager told me that I’ve done a great job and thinks I’ll be great in the role that I plan to pursue.

Presently, I’m on medical leave.  My doctor made it seem like I would be bedridden for the first two weeks.  It wasn’t quite that bad but I knew I had to get things organized before my surgery.  Reaching out the company that manages STD was easy.  I woke up the morning after my surgery and had a voicemail telling me my leave was approved.

I also felt like the mom who was leaving her newborn with a babysitter for the first time in terms of how I probably over-documented what few things were left on my desk.

My last day of work I found out one of my old work buddies was having a similar surgery, on the same day, same hospital with the same doctor.  I immediately, got her a card and placed it in my suitcase.  I also asked my mom to hand deliver the card.

My mom’s birthday was a little over a week after my surgery.  I gave her her present early.  Mainly out of fear it wouldn’t meet her impossible requirements for a black purse.  I’m serious.  If you were to ever shop with her for a needed item, you would think she wants something that might not be created yet.  She loved it.  Well, she thought it was too expensive but I told her to not worry about it.

I also got a card and asked her neighbor if he would pick up a to-go order for my mom’s birthday and gave him the money.  I was going to be staying at my mom’s and wasn’t cleared for driving.

In thinking about cards, I also got Valentine’s Day cards for all my people at once.  I just got cleared to drive today, but I just thought I was going to be crawling around on all fours begging for pain meds.

I also cooked up food prior to my surgery and froze it and then dropped it off at my mom’s.  This didn’t sit well with her.  She felt that I was suggesting that she wasn’t capable of taking care of me.  Or rather that she couldn’t cook.  Not in the slightest, I knew that I was going to be a burden (she hated me saying that) and wanted to lighten the load.

A few days ago, she asked me when I became such a meticulous planner.  The only things I typically planned before this were my menu for the week and vacations.  I told her my most recent project.  I told her it was insane.  I told her if I didn’t analyze/plan I like, my name would have been mud.  Especially since it hasn’t reached completion and they’ve already started on 2014…

That last sentence sounds bad but there are truly extenuating circumstances!


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