Thankful for the Small Things

Anyone who knows me, knows that I despise snow. It started once I hit high school. When I was younger, the idea of a snow day was appealing. When you get older and start to have a social life, you realize that snow slows things down. Especially when you live in the South. They put brine down on the roads but they’re slow to clean the roads.

It snowed a bit where I am. Since I despise snow, I usually opted to go home from work before it started to snow. Actually my current manager suggested we go home before the rush. I went home pretty early and then logged onto the network and continued to work. My company opened at 10 this morning, no surprise. I planned to work from home if anything fell from the sky. As did most of my team, I assume.

Then I flipped to CNN. It made me really glad that we have a resources to address snow and the school districts tend to err on the side of caution. I also feel for the kids (and their parents) who were on buses until midnight and stuck in schools (and the teachers and staff). I’m not sure who is at fault, it seems like a combination of issues. My mom suggested that our governor will take credit for doing something amazing since that didn’t happen here. I said he didn’t do anything that wasn’t done by any governor before him. I’d almost venture to say that most departments probably know what to do and how to prepare without him…

That’s what they do, right?

More importantly, I’m glad that I know I don’t drive on snowy/icy roads. Therefore, I need to be home before any precipitation falls from the sky.

Once we got 20 inches of snow. My company was slow to close. The governor made a plea for people to stay home. I called my supervisor at the time and left her a voicemail that the governor said stay home and I was taking a day of PTO. They closed after I went back to bed. I was in grad school and a classmate called later that morning. I asked if he was at work. He laughed and said how long have you been asleep? He told me that the company later made an announcement that they weren’t opening. All that said, I make those kind of decisions for myself!


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