Anyone Figured Out Their Goals for 2015?

I’ve been busy thinking about the next 3 years professionally, but in terms of short-term goals, I’m not sure.  I’m still trying to create a roadmap map for the 3 year goal.  I have the networking portion nailed down but realize that there are some things I need to work on in the interim but I haven’t nailed down those things yet.  I’m hoping a meeting I’ve scheduled in the New Year will provide me with additional insight.

So, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my professional life, now for my personal one.  I have a life, kind of.  I have friends but I honestly can I say I don’t always feel connected to them.  There’s one in particular who I feel the distance, I’ve planned to write her letter this week.  There was a period for about 2 years, where my social life sucked because of work.  My nickname became MIA.  So after the work project was completed, I joked that I was it was the year of reconnecting.  My plan is to do this and schedule more time for this and make it more of a priority.

I love to travel and I ran into someone right after Thanksgiving who was on a trip with my mom & I when we went to London, Paris and Rome.  This woman said she was trying to pull together an art lover’s trip to Paris.  I fell in love with the concept and then the shift of responsibility occurred.  I’ve Googled some of the places, maybe I’ll look into more while I’m off during the holidays?

I’ll continue to volunteer as a Girl Scout leader.  I totally love this role.  I’d dare to say I’m passionate about it.  I volunteer with a few other things throughout the year but the Girl Scouts gets the best of me.

During the holidays, I’ve planned to read a book that I know I’ll find painful.  I want to see about 3 to 4 movies. I want to plan this trip to France.  I want to do some stuff around the house. Clearly, I’m delusional.

I’ll add being realistic to my goals for 2015…


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