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Summer is coming to a close. I feel like I’ve wasted it. Typically, I would have done more but a few things were holding me back.  One is quite sad.  I’ve had a nasty rash for months.  As a result, I’ve attempted to cover up and being covered up in the summer with heat = miserable.  So, I haven’t been out and about as much.  I went to one dermatologist who misdiagnosed it a few years ago.  He didn’t listen and kind of operated in a vacuum.  He was a referral from my PCP.  So recently, it’s gotten much worse.  My mom is a RN had no idea that I’d still been dealing with this issue until recently.  She found a new dermatologist since I wasn’t motivated enough on my own.  He called it pretty quickly and said it was eczema.  Not great since this will be an ongoing issue but at least I have a treatment plan.

Now since I know what is, I’m a little less covered up.  If someone asks, I’m like it’s eczema.  It’s weird that I feel more free knowing this one detail.  So now, I’m restless trying to cram in a bunch of activities.  I saw De La Soul on Thursday at the Hopscotch festival.  I affectionately refer to them as De La.  They were amazing and it was my first time ever seeing them.  I’m going to hold them to their promise to come back to NC!

The next night I hit up the outdoor movie series to see the Grand Budapest Hotel at the NC Museum of Art. I went to both events solo.  I was supposed to go with someone to the concert but the threat of thunderstorms scared them off.  For the movie, I asked a couple of people at the last minute and both already had plans.  I love Wes Anderson movies, they’re delightful and quirky.

Next up, I found a Old School Hip Hop night at one of my old haunts, Five Star in the warehouse district.  One of my friends has said she’d go because she loves Old School Hip Hop and is attracted to my spontaneous energy.  Okay, it feels frenetic but we’ll go with spontaneous.  I plan to dance and rap along with the songs and leave in utter exhaustion.

I hung out with a guy on Saturday afternoon and I told him that I was restless and being at home doesn’t appeal to me.  He suggested we hang out at my house that night.  Wrong!  A) We just met, not safe and B) What part of restless do you not understand?

So clearly, we didn’t hang out.  I ended up calling it early night since I barely ate all day and had a mild headache.  A rationale person would have eaten…

As I type this email, I’m trying to tell myself that it’s okay that my only plans today included church, dinner with my mom and frozen yogurt with a girlfriend.  I want to see the new Woody Allen movie but know it’ll conflict with my mom’s dinner plan…It can’t all be my design!